East, Southeast Asia and the Pacific (ESEAP) Strategic Talk

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EN: This conversation is open to anyone interested in Movement Strategy topics in the context of East, Southeast Asia and the Pacific. You can ask or comment on anything! You are encouraged to do this in your preferred local language. Links to news or discussions relevant to our region are also welcome. You can find more regional topics on #east-and-southeast-asia-and-pacific.

ID: Utas percakapan di bawah ini terbuka untuk siapa saja yang tertarik mengenai topik Strategi Gerakan dalam konteks rantau Asia Timur, Asia Tenggara, dan Pasifik. Anda dapat meninggalkan pertanyaan atau komentar tentang apa saja dalam bahasa yang Anda inginkan! Silakan juga membagikan pranala ke berita atau diskusi yang relevan mengenai rantau ini. Anda dapat menemukan lebih banyak utas mengenap rantau ini di #east-and-southeast-asia-and-pacific.

JA:この会話は、東アジア・東南アジア・太平洋(ESEAP)地域における運動戦略トピックについて興味がある方はどなたでもご参加ください。どの言語でもご利用可能です。この地域に関したこのトピックについてのお知らせや話し合いのリンクも歓迎します。 #east-and-southeast-asia-and-pacificで詳細をご覧いただけます。

ZH-HANS: 此讨论开放给任何对东亚、东南亚和太平洋脉络下运动策略主题感兴趣的人参与。您可以询问或评论任何事情!邀请您使用您偏好的的本地语言回覆。也欢迎您提供与我们区域相关的消息或讨论的链接。您可以透过 #east-and-southeast-asia-and-pacific 找到更多区域性的主题。

ZH-HANT: 此討論開放給任何對東亞、東南亞和太平洋脈絡下運動策略主題感興趣的人參與。 您可以詢問或評論任何事情! 邀請您使用您偏好的本地語言回覆。 也歡迎您提供與我們地區相關的消息或討論的鏈接。 您可以在 #east-and-southeast-asia-and-pacific 找到更多區域性的主題。

NAN: Chit pái ê thó-lūn khai-hòng hō͘ múi-chi̍t-ê tùi Tang-a, Tang-lâm-a, kap Thài-pêng-iûⁿ tē-khu siong-koan chú-tê ū chhù-bī ê pêng-iú lâi chham-ú. Hoan-gêng lín thê-mn̄g jī-chiá sī thê-kiong phêng-lūn! Chhiáⁿ lín ē-sái iōng lín tē-hng ê ōe-gí lâi hôe-hok. Mā hoan-gêng lín kap gún hun-hióng tong-tē ê siau-sit kap ì-kiàn lâi hō͘-siong kau-liû. Lín ē-sái tī #east-and-southeast-asia-and-pacific chhōe tio̍h koh-khah chē tē-hng-sèng ê chú-tê.

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It is with no doubt that Movement Strategy is very broad, and also touches on many different areas. I also heard some community members saying that Movement Strategy sounds so abstractive, and it is not really clear what is Movement Strategy. I hope that with this space, you would feel comfortable asking all kinds of questions that come to your mind - really, all kinds of questions are welcomed! Even in the case that we may not necessarily have the answer, would be great to know what you care about, and how you would want the Movement Strategy and Governance team to support you. If you have any ideas and thoughts regarding how to support your community to understand and be engaged in Movement Strategy, share with us as well! :grinning:

There are also some specific discussions ongoing at the moment (regarding UCoC, impactful topics in the region, and freedom of panorama.) We would love to learn your view. :slight_smile:

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Untuk para penutur bahasa Indonesia atau yang berkontribusi pada proyek-proyek Wikimedia dalam bahasa-bahasa yang dipertuturkan di Indonesia, Anda juga diundang untuk turut serta berdiskusi di utas Implementasi Strategi Gerakan untuk komunitas Wikimedia di Indonesia :slight_smile:

As many of us already know, the ESEAP Conference - hosted by Wikimedia Australia - will take place later this year in Sydney, Australia. Just to share that there is a new Diff blog post having more details about this! :slight_smile:


I feel that funding for underrepresented communities is very relevant to our region. If you also feel this way, would like to invite you to consider reviewing this draft. :grinning:

We have an interesting example of an Innovate in Free Knoweldge initiative project, Wikistories, which is currently being tested out in Indonesian Wikipedia:

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Wikimedia Foundation’s 2023 annual plan is ready! In this blog you can also find the link to the feedback received. If you would like to watch again the previous conversations, they are here together with the meeting notes. ESEAP friends, any feedback please do share!

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As hub is a topic with high priority for many ESEAP Wikimedians, I want to draw your attention to the latest report published by @KVaidla_WMF regarding the June 24-26 Global Hub Conversations. You can also find key agreements, open questions, and next steps here on the forum. If you have further thoughts and feedback, would really love to learn them! :heart:

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The Foundation’s Global Advocacy team held a conversation hour to discuss about the recently released Human Rights Impact Assessment for the Asia-Pacific time zone, where several human rights-related concerns that was shared by the ESEAP communities before are discussed in context of the Impact Assessment’s recommendations (notes from the session).

Do you have anything that you would like to share with the Global Advocacy team regarding the Impact Assessment, the Human Rights Policy, or the state of human rights defense within the Wikimedia movement overall? You can share your thoughts in this thread:


Technical Decision Forum (TDF) is looking for Community Representatives. If you are interested, add your name to the nomination page by August 12, 2022!

Wikimania 2022 is just around the corner :star_struck:. Don’t miss the Movement Strategy: Implementation lightning talks! (There will be part 1, part 2, and part 3 on different days).

There is also an Universal Code of Conduct Enforcement Guidelines Roundtable and a session about Making Meaning of “Knowledge Equity” and “Knowledge as a Service” with Maryana Iskander, Wikimedia Foundation CEO. Furthermore, a session on Leadership Development Working Group: What are we doing and why?

Take a look also on sessions organised by ESEAP friends:


Global Advocacy team is calling for action for countering disinformation. They are launching a public mapping project to collect all initiatives and tools that have been developed at the local level across Wikimedia projects, and make them easily accessible and available to the movement at large. Are you aware of anything relating to this? If you have questions please let @FPutz_WMF know. :grinning:

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Thanks for posting @VChang_WMF ! Should have thought of it - am still getting used to adding this forum to my channels :smiley:

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Maggie’s conversation hour is coming next week on the 18th! This is a perfect time to ask any question you have relating to anything under Community Resilience and Sustainability - including Community Development, Human Rights, Movement Strategy and Governance, and Trust and Safety. If you submit questions in advance, they will be prioritised! Send them to answers@wikimedia.org :slight_smile:

For those that would like to know more about the Movement Charter Drafting Committee, don’t miss the Wikimania sessions on this Saturday and on Sunday by @Ciell and @KVaidla_WMF. :heart_eyes: Share your questions here!

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Exciting news!!! The Community Review Report of the Forum is ready :heart_eyes:. What do you think? Any further thoughts? There is also a new diff blog about this!

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The 2022 Board of Trustees election community voting has started! (from 23rd August to 6th September). Don’t forget to vote! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Interested in knowing more if a candidate’s position on certain issue is similar to yours? You can try out the election compass and use it as a reference! P.S. The election compass is available in 19 languages at the moment. Let us know if you want to help translate it to further languages :slight_smile:

As many of you already know, the conversation hour (Asia-Pacific timezones friendly) on the revised UCoC enforcement guidelines will take place this Friday at 10:00 UTC. I strongly encourage you to sign up on the meta page and attend the session! :slight_smile: Mandarin and Japanese interpretation will be available. If you already have thoughts and questions you want to share, you can also post them on this forum thread. Let us know if you have any questions.

Community Resources’ Conversation Hour for new applicants to the Wikimedia Community & Alliance Fund is taking place shortly (2022-09-20T13:00:00Z2022-09-20T14:00:00Z) and on 2022-09-23T03:00:00Z2022-09-23T04:00:00Z. Don’t miss it!

There are some interesting Diff blogs published by the MSG team lately: