CSOs in culture [Call for participation] noGLAMorɚ workshop & Wikidata+Wikispore+... practice

In last two years I was promoting Wikimedia work on Civil Society Organizations - CSOs, also known as NGOs - non-governmental organizations *(WMF and Affiliates are also CSOs). I did this mostly to try to compensate for the lack of understanding and visibility of many Civil Society entities (organizations, projects, people, events…) by advocacy and education, but also to introduce Wiki-Making as practice to those who are involved in context specific situated and communal knowledge practices (ideally lived and embodied experiences) rather then just having encyclopedic-wikipedian aspirations (global and encyclopedic).

I used Wikispore.org (our experimental project for new wiki content forms) and Wikidata for this and somewhat Wikipedias and sister projects. In 2021 it started with CSO in Human Rights and in 2022 the focus is Culture and Arts, for 2023 it will likely be Sport and Media…but almost anytime, any meaningful topic for contributions and partnerships that leads to research and development is most welcome!

In last 9 months *(with WMF RapidGrant) I managed to initiate a project in Crroatia with national network of CSO in (non-institutional and youth) culture and arts called Clubture.org as a pilot/test work and part of their 20 year anniversary documentation work (mid term report). Now as we approach the end of project we would like to present and scale up this discourse to others working or interested to work in these theme, be it on Wikidata, Commons, Wikispore, Wikivoyage or even Wikipedia (likely most conservative content-wise).

You can check some aspects of work and join our efforts on Wikidata
while we still consolidate work on Wikispore, Commons, Wikipedia and Wikivoyage.

Our first public presentation will be in a workshop of WM CEE Meeting in Ohrid and online, so please consider to register and attend

…or if interested just get in touch here!