Automatic Forum updates to Meta and other wikis


I’ve reactivated the Discourse Phabricator project (and added some more notes to its description), and will start working through the deployment checklist.

I feel like the caching of Discourse data on the MediaWiki side might be the tricky stuff; we have to find a balance between it staying up to date, and it not making too many requests to Discourse. Currently, it allows any URL path, and caches the response for an hour. But anyway, that can be discussed elsewhere.


Who says July is too hot for miracles? Great news.

I’ve created a tracking task for pre-deployment activities: ⚓ T313375 Prepare Discourse extension for WMF deployment

I noticed all the development and deployment info is on WMF infrastructure,

and I wonder if notifying people on the Discourse side would be good
just in case someone else has interest in having this elsewhere?

*(there is at least one MediaWiki farm that would benefit from this :slight_smile:

I mentioned it over there last year, but you’re right there might well be other people interested in helping test and develop.


I think the basic extension functionality is done. Probably T215053 can be closed, and we’ve got T313375 for tracking work to be done for deployment.

Deploying to Wikimedia wikis is unlikely at the moment, I think, but we could perhaps look at connecting Wikispore, if that’s a good idea? So that we can start experimenting with how Discourse can best work alongside MediaWiki.


That would be awesome as we started to prep for few hackathons just now on