[Announcements] Funded Movement Strategy Implementation Grants (MSIG)

East Africa Regional and Thematic Hub (EARTH) Research grant

This project was recently granted to the EARTH. The project is a collaborative effort of Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania, Uganda and the Planning Wikimedia Community User Group Kenya.

The project team is led by @Jadnapac and @Douglaseru. This is a research project that seeks to advance initiative 25 - Regional & Thematic Hubs #ensure-equity-in-decision-making. The aim of this project is to conduct extensive research to identify the priorities and challenges that East African communities face, and surface potential recommendations for addressing those in a structured manner. Through this project, the team will ensure that the voices of East African communities are truly reflected in the ongoing conversations about Hubs!

Please join me in congratulating this team on this collaborative effort, taking the first critical steps to identifying the Hubs priorities for East African Communities.