[Announcements] Funded Movement Strategy Implementation Grants (MSIG)

Capacitação de lideranças brasileiras (Training for Brazilian leaders)

This leadership training project has been funded through MSIG.

Awarded in May 2022 to the project team at Wiki Movimento Brasil led by @LPiantá_WMB this project seeks to advance the initiative on Content initiatives in underrepresented communities.

This project will develop a didactic training course to build the leadership capacities for Brazilian leaders to better implement Strategy focused work within the Portuguese-speaking community. The project in the second and third phases will train to build leadership within the community and then track the development and execution of subsequent projects linked to the implementation of Movement Strategy in the Portuguese-speaking community.

This project is building on the outcomes of foundational research previously conducted by the Wiki Movimento Brasil user group.

Congratulations and Welldone to this project team!