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this thread can be a general topical thread for asking questions to the moderator, or to WMF personnel, or questions of general interest and for discussion by the community.

I have some specific questions at the outset, as expressed below:

@Qgil-WMF , @NPhan_WMF @AJohnson_WMF , et al: over the past week or two, the main threads here have been the “Q1, Q2,” etc threads here, for posing questions to the candidates for seats on the board.

I have two questions about these threads:

(a) are these threads also open for discussion by the general community?

(b) are these threads meant to be the focal point for discussion for some specific period of time, or is it ok to introduce other general topics again, at any time a regular community member wishes to do so?

I hope you do not mind me asking this question. I noticed that response and discussion frequency here has declined somewhat over the last week or two, amongst some of the ordinary community members who were regular participants further back, so I simply wanted to get clarification on this.

I hope you don’t mind me asking these questions. I truly value this forum, and all of the interchange, ideas and insights offered here over time. I truly appreciate all of your efforts. thanks.

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Hi @Sm8900, I’ll defer to @JKoerner-WMF and team to respond specifically to your questions.

In the meantime, for more info about those questions, check out this “about” page on the elections and what the affiliate questions are. Jackie will be able to share with you more info about the 2022 Board of Trustees elections.

Hi there, @Sm8900! The threads with “Q1, Q2,…” are questions asked from affiliate organization representatives to the Board of Trustees candidates to prepare for the affiliate organization voting period. Apologies these threads took over the feel of this space.

If you wish to discuss the answers to these questions, please open another thread to do so. These “Q1, Q2…” threads are used to capture the candidates’ answers to the questions. It might be confusing to have a discussion in the same thread.

Please do feel free to introduce new topics for discussion. Ideas and information must flow! :slight_smile:

@JKoerner-WMF , thanks so much for your very helpful reply above. yes, that is precisely what I would like to do. I would greatly value your support, help, and encouragement in doing so.

by the way, I have a group thread via pm which I initially posted to address just some basic routine issues about interactions here at these forums; I then used that thread to pose the questions above. I posted this thread here, only after the thread via pm didn’t get a response. it is totally fine, as I am fine with posting a thread here as a method to discuss these questions; I am simply noting that as an FYI.

I will add you to the group thread, just to keep fully in the loop. I really appreciate your help, your input, and you reply above.

I would like to work to some degree in concert with you, to re0invigorate discussion here, to revitalize the use of the Discourse forums as a genuine resource for discussion and collaboration on goals and potential resources for the Wikipedia/ Wikimedia movement community. I may open a thread or two for general discussion, and I will cc you on those. I appreciate your input. Thanks!!